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And I searched in another man's world, cautious in all the beauty and splendor around me, until eventually I found myself in the corners of solitude where creativity stopped to kiss me on the lips.
Welcome to the inspirational world of Emma Marshall. I invite you to explore my vision and passion for the beauty of nature and the wonderful universe in which we live.
Isn't it amazing how we face the stars when we look for our dreams... How beautiful.

A glowing fragment nourishing the vastness of the universe and feeding light into our souls. Radiating the secrets of existence, they inspire us to search for the language and wisdom of the Gods.

Igniting within my heart, a true joy that comes from deep down inside. such a feeling of purity, richness and strength, how can anyone remain unmoved by it? In my mind it builds an instinctive tranquility, deep faith and inner truth, enabling my spirit to join in the potential for rebirth.

May my guiding light be strong, like a fate that is the instrument thanks to which my life finds its meaning and patterns. may it show me the road down which i may roam and grow to be proud.

Teaching me to be the master of myself.

Teaching me the power of my love and the strength of my soul...

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Free Spirit